Secure local jobs and better wages

We have a plan for growing vibrant regional towns and cities, with strong industries and businesses, that provide secure better paying jobs.

We will invest in local small businesses and industries to grow stronger as well as attracting new industries and jobs into regional communities. We want families to be confident that their job is secure, with enough spare to save for their future. We want young people to be able to stay in their community and get the career of their choice.

While older people have worked hard and deserve to have financial security and know that their savings and pensions are secure and growing.

Delivering real benefits for local people:

  • Relocating government agencies and jobs from capital cities to the regions;
  • Investing in small and medium regional businesses as ‘the future of the regions’ to grow and create more jobs;
  • Tax relief for households and family businesses to put more money back in your pocket;
  • Growing our agriculture and manufacturing sectors through building export markets;
  • A fair go for farmers that helps them with labour shortages and competition;
  • A strong mining sector and protecting mining jobs.

2019 Federal Budget Measures

Increasing the Instant Asset Write-Off threshold to $30,000 for small and medium sized businesses.

$29.4 million for our industries to access to new export markets and capitalise export opportunities.

Driving our decentralisation agenda with over 1,700 positions established or relocated outside of Canberra, inner Sydney and Melbourne.