Relief for household pressures

Working together we are fighting to secure a fair deal for regional communities and households so that everyone can benefit from our nation’s growing economy.

No one should be left behind. We want to help hard working regional families with their pressures – so they can get ahead and save for their future. We want young people to have the best opportunities locally, like being able to afford their first home, and that older people have security in retirement so they can enjoy the best quality of life.

Delivering real benefits for local people:

    • Helping regional families with every day costs, like childcare;
    • Reducing power prices with a price safety net and using a big stick to stop energy companies ripping off customers;
    • Better access to affordable regional housing and helping you save for your first home;
    • Security and certainty for retirement savings.
    • Access to more bulk billing services locally;
    • Support for drought impacted communities and households.

2019 Federal Budget Measures

Immediate tax relief for low- and middle-income earners of up to $1,080 for singles and $2,160 for dual income families.

$284 million for a one-off payment of $75 for singles and $125 for couples to assist with your next power bill and cost of living expenses.