The Young Nationals

The Young Nationals are an enthusiastic, dedicated, and successful youth based political movement in Australia

The Young Nationals is for people aged under 35 who want to make sure the views of young people are heard in Australia’s Parliaments. Young Nationals come from widely diverse backgrounds, but they have one particular thing in common – a passion for regional Australia.

Nobody understands Regional Australia, as well as those that live there. The Young Nationals has an active network stretching across Australia and many members who live in the cities. The Party welcomes young people from all over the nation who want to get involved in conservative politics.

Membership of the Young Nationals offers members the opportunity to engage in political and social activities, learn about Government and politics, contribute to the formulation of party policy, and participate in campaigns and elections.

Many of The Nationals parliamentarians both past and present, at Local, State and Federal levels of government started their political career with the Young Nationals. Leadership, debating and public speaking are key skills that are developed with the guidance and assistance of mentors and our parliamentary patrons.

The Young Nationals play a significant role within the Senior Party and have been encouraging the potential of young people to aspire and achieve for a number of decades.

It opens all kinds of opportunities for young people to play their part, make a difference and have a say in a professional political forum. Join us in our crusade to ensure that we can provide a prosperous future for regional Australia and advance youth issues within our policy platform and through our parliamentarians.

Your Executive

Angus Webber

Vice President
Kurt Tucker

Alexander Scott

Heather York

Policy Officer
Lee Pagotto

Campaigns Officer
Angus Olsen

Events Officer
Beck Auld

Publicity Officer
Charlie Plant

Immediate Past President
Alessia Maruca

New South Wales Chair
Jayden Whaites

Victorian President
Callum Moscript

Northern Territory President (CLP)

Queensland President (LNP)
Kate Samios

South Australian President
Ryan Jellesma

Western Australian President
Sebastian Schiano

Get Involved With The Young Nationals

Being a member of the Young Nationals provides Australians under 35 with the forum to have a say in the future of your community, your respective State or Territory and the nation. The Young Nationals allow young people to have ideas for improving your community to develop those ideas and deliver them to Australia’s Parliaments.

Membership of the Young Nationals also provides young Australians with the opportunity to significantly enhance their network of professional and personal contacts. Young Nationals get a vote not just around their own table, but within the senior Party too. Their votes help determine policy and select the Party’s organisational leaders and Parliamentary candidates. The Young Nationals also provides a great avenue for future job and career opportunities.

You will meet a large number of people with diverse backgrounds, develop new friendships, get the opportunity to travel around your State and the country, and enjoy the social camaraderie that is a core part of the Young Nationals’ activities.

The benefits to be gained are only limited by the level of your enthusiasm.

Find your voice, get involved and grab hold of your future.

Most importantly though, being a member of the Young Nationals provides a person under 35 with the easiest method – in all of Australia – to directly influence the formulation of government policy.

‘But I don’t live in Regional Australia?’ Membership of the Young Nationals is not restricted to those living in regional areas. Many of our members hail from metropolitan areas and make an enormous contribution to the Young Nationals.

Take up the challenge today by becoming a member of the Young Nationals to ensure that Regional Australia gets the representation in Parliament that it rightly deserves.

To find out more about Young Nationals activities and membership in your area visit your state division of The Nationals.

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Find your voice, get involved and grab hold of your future.