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Statement from the Federal President,  

The National Party Australia, Mrs Kay Hull AO

1 August 2022


The Nationals Federal Director Jonathan Hawkes has advised The Nationals Federal Management Committee and the Party Room that he will not seek another term of his contract as Federal Director.

Jonathan has been a dedicated, high performing Federal Director over the past 3 years. He has given total loyalty and committed service to our party providing leadership and direction through the many challenges during his tenure.

His team spirit and leadership was particularly evident in the Nationals returning all of our Members and adding 2 more Senators to our party room in a most difficult election that saw a change in government but success for The Nationals. The party organisation has been and is currently in a very secure position under his watch.

We have spoken in depth on his decision and Jonathan has articulated his pride and commitment in his role and to the entire National Party Australia now and into the future. He has loved his work and is justifiably proud of his and the parties achievements in the last election and over the past 3 years.  Jonathan will play a significant role in delivering a smooth transition to whomever we may select in the future to fill the role of Federal Director.

On behalf of the Federal Management Committee I extend our heartfelt best wishes to Jonathan, Jo and their family for their future and thank each of them for their unwavering commitment over the past 3 years of service to our party.

The Federal Management Committee will discuss the process to be undertaken for a new Director at their meeting in mid-August.


Kay E Hull AO

Federal President National Party Australia