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22 January 1920
The Australian Country Party is formed as a party in the Federal parliament.
24 March 1926
A conference convened by the Australian Farmers’ Federal Organisation (AFFO) of state and Federal Country Party delegates in Melbourne adopts the first constitution of The Australian Country Party Association (Federal constitution).
9 March 1974
The party’s Federal Council agrees by 18 votes to six to recommend the Federal Party name be changed from Australian Country Party to National Country Party of Australia.
2 May 1975
The party’s first Federal Convention in Canberra agrees to change the name to National Country Party of Australia.
16 October 1982
The Party’s Federal Conference in Canberra votes to change the federal name to the National Party of Australia.
11 October 2003
Federal Conference in Canberra endorses the use of ‘The Nationals’ as the Federal Party’s uniform shortened name and logo for all promotional material and Federal election campaigns and recommends the state parties do likewise, which they subsequently do.
14 October 2006
Federal Conference in Canberra agrees the Federal Party’s constitutional name should be changed to The Nationals. Federal Council endorses the change.