Young Australians are heavily impacted by the economic shock from COVID-19.

As our economy has recovered, over 30% of the more than 1 million jobs created (from May 2020 to July 2021) went to Australians aged 15-24.

In June 2021, Australia’s rate of youth unemployment dropped to 10.2%. This was the lowest level of youth unemployment since 2009.



The Liberal and Nationals Government continues to support jobs for young Australians.

Through 50% wage subsidies, the Morrison Government will support more than 170,000 new apprenticeships and traineeships.

This builds on the 100,000 new apprenticeships already supported.

The recent Budget also doubles the Government’s commitment to the JobTrainer Fund – supporting more than 450,000 new training places for school leavers and job seekers.



The Coalition Government has significantly increased school funding, from:

  • $12.9 billion in 2013; to
  • $23.4 billion in 2021; to
  • $32.7 billion in 2029.

This means average funding per student is increased by 60% over a decade.

Parents can see for themselves all the facts on schools funding – including the funding increases at their local school, at the Department of Education’s School Funding Estimator:



The Coalition Government has delivered needs-based funding for the first time in Australia.

We are improving teacher quality by testing trainee teachers to ensure they are in the top 30% for literacy and numeracy.

We are refocusing the Australian Curriculum on the essentials. Our Government is also committed to a new national centre of excellence and research for teaching.

We have also secured the agreement of states and territories to work with us to improve results.



The Liberal and Nationals Government is supporting choice for parents.

The Government has increased per student funding to the non-government sector from $8,318 in 2013 to $19,107 by 2029.



We have provided over $60 million in annual funding for the National Schools Chaplaincy program, with a new anti-bullying focus.

This means school chaplains can provide pastoral care, run programs like breakfast clubs, and co-ordinate volunteer activities for over 3,000 schools.



The recent Budget provides more than $19 billion in funding for universities in 2021-22.

As a result of decisions made during the pandemic, there are 30,000 more university places at Australian universities this year.

In addition, the Government is funding 50,000 short courses at universities and higher education providers this year.

In 2021, an additional $1 billion has been allocated to research in Australia’s universities.



The Government is providing $6.5 billion in support to mental health this year.

The Government has doubled funding for mental health since 2013.

Around 12.4 million Medicare subsidised mental health services were delivered in 2019-20.

The Government has doubled the number of Medicare subsidised psychological services available – from 10 to 20 – through the Better Access Initiative.

The Government is expanding the total number of headspace services across Australia to 164.

More funding is also being provided for Lifeline, Beyond Blue, ReachOut, Kids Helpline and the Butterfly Foundation.

We’re also increasing support for Australians with an eating disorder.

This includes: a national network of community-based residential eating disorder treatment centres; 64 new Medicare items for eating disorders (meaning patients can access to up to 40 psychological and 20 dietetic services a year).

Information current as at September 2021