Senator Perin DaveySenator Perin DaveySenator Perin DaveySenator Perin Davey

Deniliquin Office
220 Cressy Street
Deniliquin NSW 2710

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Perin grew up in Canberra, but chose to move to the regions where she feels more at home.

She currently lives on the Billabong Creek near Deniliquin — between the Murray and Murrumbidgee Rivers in the key irrigation areas of the Murray-Darling Basin — raising her two daughters with husband John.

Perin’s working life has seen run her own hospitality company on the safari trail in Botswana, train as a journalist and serve Australia as an Army reservist.

A desire to work for the common good and a background in media led Perin into political advisory roles and later, work advocating for irrigation industries. She worked for Australia’s largest private irrigation infrastructure operator, Murray Irrigation, advising on water policy during the development and then release of the Murray Darling Basin Plan.

As someone who is married to a farmer and lives in rural NSW, Perin understands how important it is for our regional communities to have a strong voice in parliament and fight against inner-city interests that could threaten our country way of life.


  • Select Committee on COVID-19 from 8.4.2020.
  • Senate Standing: Regulations and Ordinances from 2.7.2019; Scrutiny of Bills from 2.7.2019.
  • Senate Select: Multi-Jurisdictional Management and Execution of the Murray Darling Basin Plan from 24.7.2019
  • Senate Legislative and General Purpose Standing: Education and Employment: Legislation from 2.7.2019.
  • Joint Statutory: Broadcasting of Parliamentary Proceedings (formerly Broadcasting) from 2.7.2019.
  • Joint Standing: National Broadband Network from 22.7.2019.