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Colin is married to Terri and together they have three adult children. Colin is the former State Member for Callide and now Federal Member for Flynn and Terri is a Councillor on Banana Shire Council.

Colin has always believed in hard work and is committed to working hard and fighting for the people he represents as the Federal Member for Flynn. Colin will continue to stand up and be a strong and effective voice for the people who live and work in Central Queensland. Colin believes governments should work for the will and common good of the people, not pander to minority groups.

Before entering state politics in 2017, Colin was an active partner in his family cattle and farming enterprise, and their small engineering and earthmoving businesses. Terri and Colins two sons continue to operate these businesses and our daughter lives in Perth.

Colin was a councillor on the former Taroom Shire Council, before the State Labor Government amalgamated local councils. He is a qualified boilermaker and worked for several years in the gas industry as a high pressure pipe welder, particularly the QGC pipeline to Curtis Island. Since leaving school Colin has worked throughout Queensland as a ringer, timber cutter, and plant operator/earth moving contractor.

Colin believes we should be spending money on infrastructure that generates wealth to provide essential services to the people and he is committed to taking Flynn forward.