Organisational Leaders

Federal Presidents

President Duration
Page, Earle (NSW) 1926-1961
Moss, William (Vic) 1962-1968
Hunt, Ralph (NSW) 1968-1969
Roberts, Sidney (Qld) 1969-1974
Solomons, Adrian (NSW) 1974-1978
Drake-Brockman, Tom (WA) 1978-1981
McKerrow, Shirley (Vic) 1981-1987
McDonald, Stuart (Vic) 1987-1990
Paterson, John (WA) 1990-1996
McDonald, Don (Qld) 1996-1999
Dickie, Helen (NSW) 1999-2005
Russell, David (Qld) 2005-2006
Tanner, John (Vic) 2006-2012
Ferguson, Christine (NSW) 2012-2015
Anthony, Larry (Qld) 2015-2021
Hull AO, Kay (NSW) 2021-current

Federal Directors

Director Duration
Warwick, Peter 1968-1976
Cassell, Barry 1976-1977
Bailey, Jenny (Acting) 1977-1979
Osmond, Bryce 1979-1981
Harvey, John 1981-1983
Davey, Paul 1983-1992
Ferguson, Cecile 1992-1997
Braithwaite, Ray (Honorary) 1998-1998
Davey, Paul (Honorary) 1998-2000
White, Gaye 2000-2001
Hall, Andrew 2001-2007
Henderson, Brad 2007-2012
Mitchell, Scott 2012-2017
Hindmarsh, Ben 2017-2020
Hawkes, Jonathan 2020-current


Prior to the establishment of the federal secretariat, the general secretary of the New South Wales Country Party acted as the honorary secretary to the federal party association and later federal council. These were HP Williams, 1920-1923; JJ Price, 1923-1927; EJ Munro, 1927-1948; John F Dredge, 1948-1967; and Bill Ford, 1968.