Andrew WillcoxAndrew WillcoxAndrew Willcox

Mackay Office
Level 2
45 Victoria Street
Mackay QLD 4740

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Born and bred in Bowen, Andrew Willcox is a third generation tomato farmer who grew up surrounded by strong National Party values which he embodies today.

Andrew is married to his wife, Raylene for 25 years and has 3 grown independent children.

Having taken over the family farm Andrew built it into a successful tomato farm, supplying fruit to both domestic and international markets. From running his business Andrew understands the pressures of battling red tape, green tape and the complicated reporting requirements of a small business owner.

After 22 years, Andrew decided to give back to the community that has given himself and his family so much, and run for local government, serving as Councillor, Deputy Mayor and currently Mayor.

Having a proven track record of delivering for his community, Andrew will continue to work positively and tirelessly towards achieving greatness for Dawson.