Young Nats count down to election: 100 days to go

THE Federal Young Nationals have launched a campaign on social media to encourage young people to help The Nationals in this year’s federal election.

100 days out from the September 14 election date, the Young Nationals have taken to Twitter and Facebook to ensure The Nationals’ candidates are helped by young people on the campaign trail.

“This election is the most important in the lifetime of many of the Young Nationals,” according to the Federal President, Cameron O’Neil.

“We need to ensure young people are helping their local candidates sell The Nationals’ plan for rural and regional Australia.

“The Nationals have great candidates, Senators and Members right throughout regional Australia, and they will be an effective voice for regional youth,” Cr O’Neil said.

“We even have a candidate who is a Young National – Matthew Fraser in Richmond.

Cr O’Neil said many young people are still concerned about the uncertainty Labor has created by changing the rules for independent youth allowance.

“The cost of going to uni for many rural and regional students is high enough, but Labor’s unfair changes to the independent youth allowance, as well as the cuts to many regional universities, will mean accessing tertiary education will be harder for many country people,” Cr O’Neil said.

“Only The Nationals, and particularly Fiona Nash, have been fighting to give regional students a fair go.

“Now is the time to get involved with The Nationals and ensure young people in rural and regional Australia and their communities have an effective voice in the Federal Parliament.