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The Coalition will boost jobs, investment and growth in regional Australia. We will establish a $200 million Regional Jobs and Investment package to deliver regional jobs and growth. The Regional Jobs and Investment package will incentivise local businesses to invest and employ, enable regional communities to upgrade local infrastructure and deliver new skills and training programmes.

We are investing in a modern 21st century mental health system that targets support, care and funding at the regional level through the new Primary Health Networks (PHNs). PHNs include new partnerships with government at all levels, non-government organisations and the private sector, which means better tailored care for communities.

The Coalition’s foreign policy prepares Australia for the opportunities and challenges of the 21st century by: expanding Australia’s overseas diplomatic presence; boosting Australia’s crisis response capability establishing regional health security partnerships; supporting a Pacific Women Mentoring Programme; and developing a contemporary foreign policy strategy that builds on our achievements and focuses on 21st century challenges and opportunities.

We will deliver a record $73.6 billion over the next four years for Australian schools. Our schools funding will be distributed according to need and future funding will be tied to evidence-based initiatives proven to support student achievement, such as improving literacy and numeracy, increasing engagement with science and maths subjects, and enhancing teaching quality.

The Coalition will continue to support Australia’s veterans by: implementing a veterans mental health package; streamlining the claims process for veterans and their families; implementing an annual Ministerial veterans statement; helping homeless veterans; promoting jobs for veterans and improving the veterans transition process; establishing a female veteran’s policy forum and supporting our younger veterans; supporting veterans’ concerns on Mefloquine; and commemorating service and sacrifice.

We are delivering significant commitments to the agriculture sector, including a $200 million increase in biosecurity funding, $190 million for rural research and development for profit, $100 million for pest and weed management, a $2.5 billion concessional loan programme for farmers, and a $500 million National Water Infrastructure Fund to provide future water security for our farmers.

The Coalition will invest $30 million in a plan to support your local parks and environment. We will deliver grants to local councils, community groups, environment groups and others to support the revitalisation, maintenance, management and improvement of local parks, including nature reserves, rivers, coastal areas and community facilities.

We will invest $54 million under the National Diabetes Services Scheme to provide more affordable access to continuous glucose monitoring technology for children and young people under 21 years of age facing extra challenges managing their diabetes who would benefit most from this technology.

We are committed to creating more opportunities for Indigenous businesses and, in turn, employment. We want to encourage Indigenous innovation, which creates a pipeline of opportunity. Indigenous businesses are 100 times more likely to hire Indigenous Australians than non-Indigenous businesses, which is why we are creating an environment where Indigenous business and innovation can grow and prosper.

The Coalition will do more to encourage healthier lifestyles for our children. We will invest an additional $60 million to extend the Sporting Schools Programme. Our commitment will help address childhood obesity, encourage the prevention of avoidable health problems in adulthood, and promote more active lifestyles for Australians.

We will commit a further $43 million for the Flinders Link rail project, building a 650-metre extension of the Tonsley rail line to the Flinders Medical Centre and Flinders University. Flinders Link creates a new transport interchange at the Flinders Medical Centre and a shared path for cyclists and pedestrians. This investment will reduce travel time to the CBD by 30 minutes and improve accessibility to Flinders University and South Australia’s second largest hospital – benefitting over 26,000 people who work or study in the area.

We invest in the Great Barrier Reef based on the best available scientific advice. We have already invested $461 million in reef funding as part of a broader $2 billion ten year plan by Australian governments focussed on water quality, reducing run off and eradicating crown-of-thorns starfish. In addition to the existing $2 billion plan, the Coalition will create a new and profoundly important $1 billion Reef Fund focussed on the great task of improving Reef water quality.

More needs to be done to protect the rights of older Australians. We have already commissioned the Australian Law Reform Commission to conduct an inquiry into laws and frameworks to safeguard older Australians from abuse. We will also develop a national plan to better protect the rights of older Australians, including from all forms of abuse.

The Coalition will accelerate the digitisation of government services and drive innovation in government by: investing $50 million to modernise myGov and streamline the myGov login process; delivering a digital transformation roadmap for government by November 2016; and establishing a taskforce in the Prime Minister’s Department to reform government ICT procurement policies.

In the knowledge economy, people are our greatest resource, and smart cities put people first. The Coalition will innovate with smart policy, smart investment and smart technology to ensure our cities are more liveable, more productive, and more prosperous.