Nash urges Australians to become organ donors

Senator the Hon Fiona Nash
Minister for Regional Development
Minister for Local Government and Territories
Minister for Regional Communications
Deputy Leader of The Nationals 

Acting Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources, Deputy Nationals Leader and Minister for Regional Development Fiona Nash has urged Australians to register to become organ donors. 

Australians can now log onto and choose their preferred way to join the Australian Organ Donor Register, including using the Express Plus Medicare app or on myGov, the new online registration option Minister Nash announced in February. 

“Almost all Australians would like to be able to receive a donated organ if it was required to save their life. Yet just one third of Australians aged older than 16 have registered as organ donors,” Minister Nash said. 

“While Australia worships its sporting idols, be they at the Olympics or on the football or cricket field, organ donors are heroes who save lives. Up to ten lives can be saved or improved by a single organ donor. Let’s admire our organ donor heroes with the same passion we admire our stars in sport or music or whatever our particular interest is. 

“The people of Australia now have the power to lift Australia’s organ donation rates – every individual can add their name to Australia’s donor pool. 

“Every Australian can help improve Australia’s organ donation and transplantation rate – they can register as an organ donor. If we increase the number of registered organ donors, we will save more lives. When a person is a registered organ donor, the families allows the donation to go ahead 91 per cent of the time, but when the person hasn’t registered as a donor and hasn’t had the conversation with their family, the donation goes ahead only 52 per cent of the time. 

“Only one per cent of people die in circumstances which allow that person’s organs to be donated. 

“The simplest way to lift Australia’s organ donation rates is for individual Australians to register as organ donors and discuss their decision with loved ones.” 

Australians can register at and share their decision on social media to let others know how they are now a registered donor and encourage others to join the register online today.