The Coalition’s Policy to Invest in Our Great Barrier Reef

We invest in the Great Barrier Reef based on the best available scientific advice. We have already invested $461 million in reef funding as part of a broader $2 billion ten year plan by Australian governments focussed on water quality, reducing run off and eradicating crown-of-thorns starfish. In addition to the existing $2 billion plan, the Coalition will create a new and profoundly important $1 billion Reef Fund focussed on the great task of improving Reef water quality.

The Coalition’s Policy to Build the Flinders Link Rail Project

We will commit a further $43 million for the Flinders Link rail project, building a 650-metre extension of the Tonsley rail line to the Flinders Medical Centre and Flinders University. Flinders Link creates a new transport interchange at the Flinders Medical Centre and a shared path for cyclists and pedestrians. This investment will reduce travel time to the CBD by 30 minutes and improve accessibility to Flinders University and South Australia’s second largest hospital – benefitting over 26,000 people who work or study in the area.