The Liberals and Nationals’ Government has today achieved another significant outcome in further delivering on our plans to provide economic growth and job creation on which we were elected. Passing our $144 billion personal tax cut package represents a clear point of difference between our Government and the poor Labor alternative. At each stage of…


In a big win for the people of Tasmania, Senator Steve Martin has today joined The Nationals, giving the State another voice for regional communities in Government. Nationals’ Leader and Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack, who welcomed Senator Steve Martin to the party in Devonport today, said his small business, Local Government and agricultural background…

The Coalition’s Policy for Better and More Accessible Digital Services

The Coalition will accelerate the digitisation of government services and drive innovation in government by: investing $50 million to modernise myGov and streamline the myGov login process; delivering a digital transformation roadmap for government by November 2016; and establishing a taskforce in the Prime Minister’s Department to reform government ICT procurement policies.

The Coalition’s Policy to Invest in Our Great Barrier Reef

We invest in the Great Barrier Reef based on the best available scientific advice. We have already invested $461 million in reef funding as part of a broader $2 billion ten year plan by Australian governments focussed on water quality, reducing run off and eradicating crown-of-thorns starfish. In addition to the existing $2 billion plan, the Coalition will create a new and profoundly important $1 billion Reef Fund focussed on the great task of improving Reef water quality.

The Coalition’s Policy to Build the Flinders Link Rail Project

We will commit a further $43 million for the Flinders Link rail project, building a 650-metre extension of the Tonsley rail line to the Flinders Medical Centre and Flinders University. Flinders Link creates a new transport interchange at the Flinders Medical Centre and a shared path for cyclists and pedestrians. This investment will reduce travel time to the CBD by 30 minutes and improve accessibility to Flinders University and South Australia’s second largest hospital – benefitting over 26,000 people who work or study in the area.